Focus Group Conclusion

From the focus group it was obvious that the target audience, if we were to do Mr Brightside, would be around the participants ages which were 17/18 years old. However if we were to do Dark Necessities the target audience would be older, as the participants felt as if they couldn’t relate to the song as much as they did with Mr Brightside.

As a group, we felt that that Mr Brightside was too explicit and came with a ready made narrative, whereas Dark Necessities is open to  interpretation and can have more implied meanings, therefore making it more accessible to a wider audience.

We decided that our target audience were predominately males from the ages of 25-35, but our wider audience opens to both genders.

Group Feedback – Location and Props

Lauren’s Research Feedback:

Location and Props:

  • Contribute to the preserved genre of the video which needs to match the genre of the song
  • Location should be relevant to the lyrics and props should have a literal meaning in correspondence
  • The props and location should reinforce the lyrics
  •  The primary purpose is to promote the artist so if the location and props do not reinforce the song the artist will be promoting themselves in a completely different manner
  • Andrew Goodwin – believes that there is a direct link between the audio and visual
  • McBusted – Air Guitar – used typical rock conventions to reinforce the genre – big production and location to showcase all the instruments used
  • Arctic Monkeys – Are You Mine – the majority of the video was filmed in a car – no need for any heavy production more focused on the instruments
  • Sam Evans – DJ Manager – used his travels to connect with the target audience
  • San Holo – the most  used word in the song is fly this supports Andrew Goodwin’s theory because the music video features a drone