Reflection on first filming session

It wasn’t until the footage was in the software that some problems came to light:

  1. One of the biggest problems was that the panning movement was fairly jolty which caused the image to be unfocused. We decided to use a panning shot so we can take out audience on a journey into what the main character is experiencing at the time instead the journey seemed disoriented which would make the audience feel uneasy. 
  2. We also found that our lighting was inconsistent meaning that we would never have a definite moment when the colour would change from red to blue. This meant that, when editing, it is hard to establish key moments within the song where it should cut to something else.
  3. When looking back on the video it seems like the performers could have  used more exaggerated movements in order to make the video more visually appealing to the audience as well as more believable. Using more exaggerated movements when playing an instrument also supports the notion that the more extravagant the image that is created the more  talked about the artist inevitably meaning that they will sell more.
  4. We also used zoom a lot throughout the video which made the video slightly wobbly and out of focus.
  5. As well as exaggeration there was also a lack of interaction with each other. This made the video feel slightly impersonal and closed off. This contradicts the star image theory and makes the audience feel disengaged from the artists.

For our next filming session our main focuses will be on determining key times when the lighting is going to change, using digital panning to make the movements smoother and minimise the use of zoom and instead physically moving the camera to achieve a less jerky movement consequently making the video more visually appealing.