Group Feedback – Location and Props

Lauren’s Research Feedback:

Location and Props:

  • Contribute to the preserved genre of the video which needs to match the genre of the song
  • Location should be relevant to the lyrics and props should have a literal meaning in correspondence
  • The props and location should reinforce the lyrics
  •  The primary purpose is to promote the artist so if the location and props do not reinforce the song the artist will be promoting themselves in a completely different manner
  • Andrew Goodwin – believes that there is a direct link between the audio and visual
  • McBusted – Air Guitar – used typical rock conventions to reinforce the genre – big production and location to showcase all the instruments used
  • Arctic Monkeys – Are You Mine – the majority of the video was filmed in a car – no need for any heavy production more focused on the instruments
  • Sam Evans – DJ Manager – used his travels to connect with the target audience
  • San Holo – the most  used word in the song is fly this supports Andrew Goodwin’s theory because the music video features a drone


Focus Group – Group Discussion

Before we carried out the Focus Group we first had to have a group conversation on what criteria is needed for it to be successful.

Participants and Location:

7 Participants (all of roughly the same age – sixth formers)

Ask participants who are acquaintances or friends so they don’t feel singled out

Using the Meeting room to give a formal atmosphere

We then had to decide the roles that each of us would have:

Jake – Moderator

Tanisha – Tech

Lauren – Introduction/Debrief/Outro

Martyna – Assistant Moderator

Seating also plays a big part in the dynamic created and what kind of atmosphere is created


We’ve chosen to seat our participants around a circular table to make them feel as comfortable as possible. This way, everyone is included in the interview. Our group will be spread around the table to avoid potential intimidation, which will result in much more honest, accurate answers from our participants.

Brief Step-by-step plan:

  • Room setup
  • Meet our participants and introduce them to what’s going to happen (brief)
  • Take the participants to the meeting room
  • Question participants in regards to the song titles alone
  • Hand each participant a copy of the lyrics, with time to read
  • Followed by questions about the lyrics
  • Play the entire song accompanied by the lyrics on paper
  • Open questions about the music i.e. have their original perceptions of the song changed after hearing it?
  • Repeat with the second song
  • Debrief the participants about the interview
  • Inform them that they’re entitled to see the finished project later on in the year

We also decided that to get the best answers from our participants we needed  to ask open ended question end then had clarification questions to get added details

Open ended and clarification questions: 

  • Do any of you know the band?What genre do you think the band fall into? Based on your preconceptions of the band, what do you imagine their image to be?
  • Have any of you heard the song before?Who do you think the band’s audience are?
  • Do you have any existing impressions of the song based on the title alone? What makes you think that?

**Introducing the idea of lyrics on paper, allow them to read through the lyrics**

  • Based on the lyrics alone, what do you think the song is about? What makes you think that? Are there any particular words that convey this for you? (Connotations)
  • Do you picture the song to have a music video that is more: narrative, performance based or a mixture of both? What makes you think this? Can you elaborate on this point? How do you picture the narrative to play out?
  • Based on the lyrics, what do you imagine the general theme of the song to be? Why? What makes you think this?

**play the full song with brief time to collect thoughts**

  • Since hearing the song, have your perceptions of the band’s image changed in any way? What makes you think this?
  • After hearing the song, what do you now think it’s about? What makes you say this? Why has your view changed since hearing the song?
  • Since hearing the song, do you picture it to have a music video that is more: narrative, performance based or a mixture of both? What makes you say this? Why?
  • Based on the audio, what do you imagine the general theme of the song to be? Why? What makes you think this?
  • After hearing the song, has your perception of the target audience changed? Why? What makes you say this?

**repeat the process for the second song**


**debriefing** ( confidentiality/anonymity, exclusive access to the finished video)

Deciding songs for Focus Group

Before we carried out our focus group we first had to decide on the songs that we would present to the participants. We played the songs that we put forward out loud and then rated them 1 being the worst 5 being the best.

The songs we considered:

Anyway by Huntar

Not Today by Imagine Dragons

Unsteady by X Ambassadors

Girls by 1975

Sunshine Song by Candle Thieves

Up and Up by Coldplay

Mr Brightside by The Killers

Use Somebody by Kings of Leon

History by 1 Direction

Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus

Dark Necessities by Red Hot Chili Peppers

All the Small Things by Blink 182

City of Blinding  lights by U2

I Lived by One Republic

Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers

How I rated them:

Anyway 2

Not Today 2

Unsteady 3

Girls 4

Sunshine Song 3

Up and Up 3

Mr Brightside 4

Use Somebody 4

History 1

Teenage Dirtbag 4

Dark Necessities 4

All the Small Things 4

City of Blinding Lights 3

I lived 3

Dani California 4

After we had scored them individually we then combined our ratings together and decided that the two top scoring songs would be the ones we showed to the participants of the focus group.

The songs that we picked were:

Dark Necessities by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Mr Brightside by The Killers